a spot of yoga before Pilates classHi, I am Debbie and I have been teaching Pilates for six years now. Like a lot of people my experience of Pilates began with backache from carrying my son around and my GP suggested I do some classes. I was a student for more than seven years before people started telling me I was getting so good, I should teach it!

Firstly I trained as a yoga teacher specifically to help my son who has Special Needs and mobility problems. Yoga is still a passion of mine and I prefer the highly physical Ashtanga incorporating flowing movements and breathing practise. Then I went on to train with Future Fit Training and qualified as an Advanced Level 3 Instructor of Mat Based Pilates. I am a member of REPS (Register of Exercise Professionals) and undertake additional training courses every year to keep up-to-date in my profession and to add in extra skills as and when I need them. I have studied Standing Pilates, Pilates for Bone Health,  Pilates for Common Orthopaedic Conditions and Sports Specific Pilates. My current new interest is Pilates for Multiple Sclerosis and Pelvic Organ Dysfunction.